Our Story

Our Story

Located in the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cajun Brewing is proud to be the first brewery in a dynamic city known for incredible food and unmatched hospitality. At Cajun Brewing, we’re dedicated to showing the world that Cajuns are not only great cooks, but also darn good brewers.

Cajun Brewing was founded by owner Zeke Bossley, a talented home brew specialist whose love of beer led him down the path to the opening of his own microbrewery. The journey began when Zeke and his wife took a tour of a microbrewery in Vancouver, Canada in 1999. Zeke instantly became fascinated with brewing and immediately began to research how to make beer at home.

He read numerous books, began building his own equipment and eventually joined a Lafayette home brewing club called the Dead Yeast Society. After many years tinkering with home brewing systems and recipes, taste-testing numerous beers of all kinds, and honing their skills, Zeke and his colleagues realized their brews were so good they should share them with everyone, and the idea for Cajun Brewing was born.

After several years of planning and construction, Cajun Brewing opened for business in October 2015. Our initial line of products includes three beer varieties: Cajun WIT, Ragin’ Red Ale, and Brown Ale. The beer is brewed in small batches for maximum freshness and flavor. Our brewery also features a full-size laboratory that allows for exceptional quality control.

Located at 206 Rayburn Street near the Bertrand and Congress intersection and just a few blocks from the Cajundome, our brewery will eventually feature a Tap Room where customers can enjoy our beers with friends, sample test batches and get a taste of new beers we’re developing.

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At Cajun Brewing, we are a unique group who has traveled many different walks of life in the past, but have now united for one common goal: brewing the freshest, most flavorful beer ever tasted. Our team has combined decades of home brewing experience with a passion for great-tasting beer to bring you unique and refreshing brews that live up to the Cajun tradition of brilliant flavor in all things food and drink. The entire team at Cajun Brewing works hard to make our beers the best, and we thoroughly enjoy our work. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Zeke Bossley


Zeke takes his responsibilities as owner seriously, overseeing every aspect of operations at the brewery as well as pitching in and helping wherever needed. He has been an avid home brewer for more than 14 years and has also been the longtime treasurer for the local home brew club, the Dead Yeast Society. In addition to his beer brewing skills, Zeke worked as a petroleum engineer for 28 years and traveled across the globe.

In his spare time, Zeke enjoys camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. He is also a skilled wood worker and enjoys crafting furniture and cabinets. When asked if he has a favorite beer, Zeke replied, “No, I can’t choose just one. I enjoy tasting all different types of beer and experiencing new flavors.”

James Lutgring

Operations Manager/Head Brewer

In addition to his duties as Head Brewer, James is responsible for the daily management of all personnel at the brewery and all aspects of production. He is passionate about brewing the highest quality craft beers while delivering maximum efficiency in the production, packaging and shipping of our brews.

An avid home brewer since 2003, James has also been a member of Lafayette’s home brewing club, the Dead Yeast Society, since 2006. He served as vice president of the club for five years, and has participated in numerous home brewing activities throughout Louisiana and Texas. In addition, James has been in charge of coordinating the Dead Yeast Society’s volunteer efforts at the Acadiana Center for the Arts’ annual “Gulf Brew” fundraising event since its inception in 2007.

In his spare time, James enjoys practicing his favorite hobby, which is home brewing (believe it or not). His favorite beer (for the moment) is Rose de Gambrinus, which is produced by the Cantillon Brewery in Belgium. James and his wife, Lindsey, are the proud parents of a three-year-old daughter named Zoey.

Gene Nelson


After purchasing a home brew kit in 2006, Gene quickly became an authority on all things yeast and fermentation, going by the nom de plume Yeastmeister.

Gene has been a member of Lafayette's home brewing club, the Dead Yeast Society, since 2006. He has served as president of the club since 2009 and spent countless hours teaching home brewers how to make better beer.

As Brewer at Cajun Brewing, Gene is the instigator behind our Cajun Wit beer, which has won many awards at home brewing contests over the years before its commercial release.

In addition to brewing beer, wine, and mead, Gene also enjoys cooking, and is considered a foodie by his friends.

Aaron Breaux

Assistant Brewer

A Breaux Bridge native, Aaron was originally hired as a carpenter during our construction phase. Having learned about home brewing a year earlier, his interest for craft quickly grew into passion and eventually made him part of the Cajun Brewing crew.

Aaron still enjoys wood working as a hobby, along with jamming the blues on his electric guitar

His favorite beers are usually on the darker side, particularly the ones that remind him of southern coffee.