Good People, Great Beer

Lafayette's premier local craft beer brewery

Do you prefer the taste of handcrafted, locally brewed beer? You've come to the right place. Located in the heart of Cajun country in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cajun Brewing is proud to be the first brewery in this dynamic city to be known for incredible food and unmatched hospitality. Our goal is to show the world that Cajuns are not only great cooks, but also darn good brewers.

Stop by to meet good people and find your new favorite beer, full in flavor and locally brewed in Lafayette!

Get the Buzz on Cajun Brewing

When it comes to local beer, we're the talk of the town

Since the beginning of the local brewery scene in Lafayette, we've gained recognition for our great tasting, home brewed beer, "Cajun Wit." We pride ourselves on being a fun, friendly little brewery where beer lovers like you learn all about the brewing process while enjoying a frosty brew or two. But don't take our word for it--see what the local press has to say about Cajun Brewing.

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