Bayou Brunette Is On The Horizon

We don’t have our taproom opened just yet, but we wanted to get some feedback on our American Brown Ale, Bayou Brunette. So we decided about a month ago, to put it in growlers and see how people reacted to it. And boy did they react! People are loving it! We had it out at Gulf Brew alongside a dry hopped version of it in a firkin and I couldn’t tell you which had more fans. Coming in with just 34 IBUs, it’s not a very hoppy beer in comparison which I believe attracted so many people. While we love to cater to our hop-head friends, we also strive to make clean, approachable beers. The Bayou Brunette definitely does that. But don’t fret, we’ll have plenty of hoppiness coming out of our taproom when it opens 🙂Bayou Brunette .


Since we’ve received such a great response to our Bayou Brunette, we’ve decided to do a full release of it. As we speak, we have 30 barrels fermenting away which should be ready for the very end of September. As of now, we’re thinking of a September 29th release but that day may change as we get closer. We’re really excited to put our second beer on the market and couldn’t have asked for a better brew to go next to our flagship Cajun Wit. Until next time, Cheers!